I requested a sandbox on, it was approved and is in 'Ready' status.

How do I access it?


To connect to your sandbox you need to configure a VPN connection. We use OpenVPN, you can request a VPN certificate in your profile after you register and get access to a sandbox. After you log in to click on your name in a blue rectangle in upper-right corner of the screen and select 'VIEW PROFILE' from a dropdown menu.

User profile page

In your profile you can request a VPN certificate, it will become available for download in several minutes.

Link to detailed VPN client configuration instructions is also available in your profile. Note that the VPN clients suggested in instructions are not a requirement, you should be able to use any OpenVPN client to connect.

After you connect to VPN, you can log in to the control panel with the admin password you specificed during sandbox creation.

You can also access all machines in your sandbox via SSH, password for user root is the same as the initial admin password.

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