How to convert a Customer to Reseller on APS sandbox?


  1. Create a Service Template in OA

    OA > Service Templates > Add New Service Template
    • Name = "Reseller Branding Template"
    • Add the following Resource Types.

      • Reseller accounts
      • Client accounts
      • Branding access points
    • Set Resource Types Limits to finite values.
    • Activate the Service Template.
  2. Create Reseller Management Template in BA

    BA > Service Plans > Service Templates tab > Add New Service Template > Resellers Management

    The settings are:

    • Name = "Reseller Management Template"
    • Branding Template = "Reseller Branding Template"
    • Version = 1
    • Order Flow = "Default Order Flow"
    • External Provisioning Template = "PEM Reseller"
  3. Create a generic Service Plan in BA

    BA > Service Plans > Add New Service Plan > Generic Service Plan
    • Name = "Reseller Creation Plan"
    • Service Template = "Reseller Management Template"
    • Published = True
  4. Create an order and assign the service plan Reseller Creation Plan. Open order.

  5. Log in to OA as the reseller, go to BA, confirm initialization parameters such as currency value and so on.

  6. Log in to OA as a provider. Make sure that the provisioning has been done successfully. The customer should now be a reseller.

To get more information regarding Service Plan delegation on other reseller questions refer to the Getting Started with Billing – Reseller's Guide guide

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