Entry point for service is configured according to specification, but absent in CCP. Entry point URL contains variables.


Entry point is hidden from CCP whenever it contains invalid URL. This can happen for various reasons:

  • dst attribute contains a variable which is either not defined or defined to value which makes whole dst an invalid URL.
  • dst attribute contains a variable and its value is defined to invalid URL in APP-META.xml.
  • dst attribute is defined to invalid URL.


You need to make sure that dst attribute evaluates to a valid URL (with all its variables). Common mistakes include:

        <entry class="login" dst="{login_ip}" method="POST">
                <variable name="login_ip" value-of-setting="f_entry"></variable>

Here, the link will only be shown if f_entry setting has a value which is a valid URL (gets it from script or it is defined globally).

If f_entry evaluates to empty string, will be used as dst and will be hidden because it is an invalid URL (missing http:// or https://).

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