In Operations > Tasks I see a list of tasks with several properties, can I use this information in a way that would benefit me?


Each task has the following properties:

  • ID

sequenced internal number, id is assigned during task creation so the tasks with lower ids were created first.

  • Name

Task name, usually contains a short description of the operation it performs.

  • Started/Finished

When the task was started/finished (for tasks in status other than 'Unprocessed') or when the task should be started for tasks in 'Unprocessed' status.

  • Queue name

A batch of tasks that depend on each other and need to be processed consequentially, usually queue name points out why the tasks are grouped in one queue, for example:

aps_application_instance18 subscription_id16 - tasks to provision/configure/unprovision instance 18 in subscription 16

  • Subscription ID

Useful to filter all tasks for a subscription in search.

  • Status

Task status, more on tasks lifecycle here.

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