What do task statuses mean? What's the difference between Failed and Rescheduled? Why is a task for my APS instance in Unprocessed status?


Tasks have following lifecycle:

  • Unprocessed: task has been just created or is blocked by other failed tasks in the same queue with lower Task ID.

  • Running: task is performing operations associated with it, timeout usually is 1 hour.

  • Successful: task executed successfully.

  • Failed: task is failed, result of its execution is stored in Output, for example:

    Internal error: SDK::Platform::blob Plesk::SaaS::SaaSManagerTasks_impl::taskExecuteWorkflow(const SDK::Platform::Properties&) : [APSC] Line 1: syntax error.
  • Rescheduled: after task has failed it is automatically rescheduled to be executed at least one more time (depends on the task type) to avoid intermittent problems.

  • Canceled: task has been manually canceled.

  • Deleted: task was executed a long time ago and was already cleaned up, it is no longer possible to reschedule it.

See this article to get additional information on types of APS-related tasks.

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