I need to urgently upgrade to latest PA version but do not wish to reinstall everything right now, is it possible to update the installation without resetting the whole environment?


While it is highly recommended to reset the environment avoid cluttering it with unnecessary data there are times when an update is needed but an ISV is not ready to wipe all data yet.

It is possible to install updates but APS support does not assist in troubleshooting and fixing update issues so you should be ready to perform a reset anyways:

  • backup all data if needed (changed UI files in /usr/local/pem/APS/packages/PACKAGE_GUID/ui, back-end scripts on endpoint server)

  • to install POA update run these commands on main POA server (the one whose hostname begins with 'mn.'):
    pa_updates_installer --prepare
    pa_updates_installer --install

  • to install PBA update:
    /usr/local/bm/updater/ --install

  • if update fails you should reinstall the sandbox from Development Portal

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