Each package should have:

  • APP-META.xml - filled in manually using specification
  • APP-LIST.xml - generated automatically during building of the package
  • schemas folder - containing either manually created schema files or automatically created by apsbuild if aps-php-runtime is used

Generally a package that actually does something has two more directories:

  • scripts - containing application endpoint scripts, so far should be placed manually on endpoint server
  • ui - containing html/js code to show views to the user

A more advanced package would have these directories as well:

  • images - used to store application icon and screenshots
  • i18n - contains localization files (more on localization)
  • doc - contains built-in documentation such as provider's guide, deployment guide etc

Generally an application should have at least two services:

  1. Main service installed in Provider Control Panel (implementing http://aps-standard.org/types/core/application/1.0)
  2. Main service installed in Customer Control Panel (it should plug into http://www.aps-standard.org/ui/service)

Check Starter package from our Getting Started guide for a simple package with two services.

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