In APS1 we had classes to tell APS controller which data should be used to automatically populate a setting, for example class="login" provided service user's e-mail, class="given-name" provided the name from the contact.


In APS2 it is possible to access all data of account from UI, to get detailed information about all service users you need to create an aps/ResourceStore with this apsType:

        userstore = new ResourceStore({
            apsType: "",
            target: "/aps/2/resources/"

The following request will be send to the controller:

GET /aps/2/resources?implementing(

        "type": "",
        "id": "4867bc2b-0542-4d96-bdef-1ad4aeef6e0b",
        "status": "aps:ready",
        "revision": 3,
        "modified": "2014-01-28T03:44:48Z"
        "countryName": "de",
        "extendedAddress": "",
        "locality": "test",
        "postOfficeBox": null,
        "postalCode": "123456",
        "region": "",
        "streetAddress": "asdfdf 12"
    "companyName": "Test Customer",
    "id": 1000005

Note: there are two permission scopes, for more details check this article.

The full list of built-in types can be found here.

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