Eclipse or PhpStorm APS application installation fails with the error about module.


This error is caused by missing Xdebug PHP extension on endpoint host, to fix this issue you should install Xdebug extension manually.


Detailed documentation about Xdebug installation you could find here: In general, you need to follow two steps:

  1. Install extension with the command:

    pecl install Xdebug
  2. Add this extension to your PHP configuration:


Please note that latest Xdebug version 2.5.5 support only PHPv5.5 and newer, and sandbox endpoint host has PHPv5.4 installed by default.

To handle it, you could choose from two options:

  1. Upgrade PHP on endpoint host to version 5.5 or newer. (recommended, since PHPv5.4 is quite old already).

  2. Install older Xdebug version, like 2.4.1.

There is an example how to upgrade PHP

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