I cannot switch to Billing in my sandbox, one of the following is happening when I click the 'Billing' button in Provider's panel:

  • Page is being loaded for a long time
  • An error about untrusted connection is shown
  • A blank page is shown


Self-signed certificate is installed in Business Automation. Most browsers cannot handle accepting untrusted certificates in a frame


  1. Open in browser. If you have newer configuration (lin-billing-new) open (notice the non-standard port number).

  2. Accept the self-signed certificate

  3. A login screen appears. Do not enter any credentials into it

  4. Open in browser (Operations Automation control panel) and log in.

  5. Billing button should now be working.

For example, if your sandbox is you should open and accept the certificate. Make sure you use https and not http, and specify port 8443 if you have a lin-billing-new sandbox.

Then log in to, log in and try the Billing button.

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