Settings values from the brand are not applied to instance and/or are not passed to verification script when it's called. Instead, settings from resource type are used.


There are the following limitations to aps branding in POA:

  1. Branding does not work for global settings, except for entry point branding*.
  2. Branded settings are not applied on verification stage.
  3. Settings with 'login' and 'password' classes, or 'password' type, are not branded.
  4. Avoid words 'login' and 'password' in branded setting IDs. They have the same effect as 'login' and 'password' classes.

    • note: entry point is branded by setting with class="access_point", example application - Open-Xchange.


  1. Move branded settings from global to top service, with 'hidden' attribute assigned.
  2. Don't expect branded values to be passed to verification script. Rely on default values from resource type.
  3. For branded settings, don't use 'login' and 'password' classes, 'password' type, 'login' and 'password' in setting ID.

Example application: BackupAgent

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