In POA 5.5.1 or later: When trying to create a subscription with APS2 RT set to autoprovision it fails with error 'Service SERVICE_NAME can not be auto-provided'.

In POA 5.5 RTM:

Subscription is created but tab with application is missing. Home > Resource Usage shows usage as 0 for all resources of an application


This service has links to other services that cannot be provided for some reason.


Check schema for this service, POA tries to provide all services that have 'required: true':

  1. If there is a reference to a service that implements core/application it should be included in the same service template (based on the 'Application Service Reference' resource class).
  2. All other resources should have valid resolvable types, it's needed to closely check URLs. They should either point to built-in types or types provided in the same service template.

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