I'm testing application provisioning using Parallels Business Automation on my sandbox, when trying to complete order it hangs in status 'Payment Method not Attached'.


PBA is a complex product that requires pre-configuration before usage in production.


There are three ways to solve the problem:

  1. Make sure all prices are set to 0 in service plan
  2. Give credit memo to a customer which is used for testing:
    • [choose customer] > Documents > Add New Credit Memo
    • [choose customer] > General > Customer Class > Auto Apply Credits = Yes
  3. WARNING: should be done on APS sandboxes only, do not use in production:
    • Home > System > Settings > Terms > Credit Terms > [Default]
    • Set 'Put Account on Credit Hold' to 'Manually'
    • Set Credit Limit to a bigger value

If there is a failed order resubmit it, credit will be applied automatically to all further orders of the same customer.

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