White / blank screen when opening sandbox


I have a sandbox with Odin Automation 6.0.

When I open my sandbox either by using the http://a.company.apsdemo.org:8080 URL or the 'Go to CP' link on developer portal, I get to a blank page.


In some cases pau and pem services on Operations Automation management node fail to start automatically.


You can log in to the Operations Automation management node via SSH (the main sandbox host, 'a.company.apsdemo.org') and start these services manually.

Password for user root is the one that was specified during sandbox deployment. First the pau service should be started, and then the pem service:

[root@mn ~]# service pau start
Starting pau
oom_adj modified
Waiting pau to start:                                      [  OK  ]
[root@mn ~]# service pem start
Starting pleskd: Starting sc chief [success] 1.06
Starting sc ppm [success] 0.429
Starting sc OpenAPI [success] 0.464
Starting sc BMBridge [success] 0.339
start succesfull

If this happens often and your sandbox was deployed earlier than February 2016 try redeploying your sandbox. New deployment procedure contains a fix that should eliminate this behavior.

If this happens with sandboxes deployed later than Feburary 2016 please report such cases to support.

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