Task for importing package to POA 5.5 fails with:

Internal error: TObjectID Plesk::SaaS::ImportPackage(TObjectID) : InfoLinks shall contain a record with the default locale (no xml:lang attribute).


Incorrect order of <link> nodes.


As it described in APS 1.2 specification: for each XML element localizable according to the format requirements, there must be a language neutral entry (i.e. an entry without an xml:lang attribute).

The error message is self-explanatory: please add language tags to infolinks. For example like OX did:

<link class="official" href="">Official site</link>
<link class="official" href="" xml:lang="ja-JP">オフィシャルサイト</link>

Check the line order: the line without xml:lang must be specified firstly.

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