Acronis Cloud Backup APS instance upgrade fails:

Internal error: APSC: Upgrade to ver. 2.0-1028 : resource 2adc1874-269a-49a2-9346-6274f037aa09 of type 'globals' ( for APS application 'Acronis Backup Cloud-2.0-1028' : Internal Server Error: Resource(s) not ready. Finish operations with all resource(s) first. Resource type:, resource id: 54eb02ac-0057-4bb5-9dae-2a68eac71b0f, resource status: aps:proto.


There are incomplete provisioning tasks for Acronis subscription in Operations Automation, therefore some Acronis resources reside in aps:proto state in APS controller database.


Find failed tasks related to Acronis APS and make sure they are completed successfully.

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