The Parallels Operations Automation (POA) task "Delete webspace's AD users and groups" fails with the following error message:

The file exists. Object: Removing disk quota for user

More detailed diagnostics are provided in the following example:

ExSystem while performing task (id 801648): error code: 0 error message: ExSystem: ERRCODE 0 ERRCODE_MINOR 0 The file exists.
[<response><errorContext description="The file exists. Object: Removing disk quota for user HOSTING\w00006350" code="0x80070050" executeSeqNo="1">
<errorSource namespace="NTFSManager" procedure="clearUserQuota"/></errorContext></response>


There may be two different causes of this problem:

  1. While removing the IIS domain service, files in temporary folders are not deleted

  2. Due to a bug in HMC 3.5, on a server with high load, the webspace folder is renamed something like 'webspace_00006350.{CFFB9AB4-7864-4ED1-A298-EBBB8E28226D}' instead of being completely deleted.

As a result, the user's (webspace owner's) quota cannot be removed from the Windows server.


Follow the steps below to resolve the problem. Perform these actions on the Windows server where customer's webspace is located.

  1. Remove folders with long names like 'webspace_00006350.{CFFB9AB4-7864-4ED1-A298-EBBB8E28226D}' in the C:\CustomerData\webspaces folder (this is the default folder where customer webspaces are located).

    Note: Customer webspaces can be placed on another drive (not C:) or in another location (like 'D:\CustData'). The exact location of customers webspaces on a POA-managed server can be found in the properties of the msiis/msiis7 package installed on the server. See the following screenshot:

  2. Open 'Quota Manager' on the Windows server for the appropriate drive and find the user reported in the task error (for example, 'HOSTING\w00006350').

  3. Remove the quota entry for the user you found. You will be asked what should be done with files owned by this user - choose 'delete' or 'take ownership'. Most files may be safely deleted because the webspace is going to be destroyed anyway.

    In rare cases this would fail, and although the search similar to:

    dir c:\*.* /S /Q|FIND /i "ex_p00104310"

    Finds nothing, the files are present, but without the header.

    Alternatively, disable quota management on the system drive where customer webspaces are located, then re-enable it with the same settings and let the system re-scan user quotas (click on 'Quota Entries' > View > Refresh).

    Note: On a Windows server with a large number of webspaces, a full re-scan of user quota entries may take a significant period of time and affect server performance.

  4. Re-run the failed POA task.

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