It is possible to replace the default CloudBlue Commerce browser window title with a custom text. There are two possible options:

  1. Configuration without IDP module
  2. Configuration with IDP module

Configuration without IDP module

Note: The instructions below are applicable only for CloudBlue Commerce 5.4.3, or later.

You can do this by adjusting a hidden system property. The corresponding property can be added directly to the system database at the CloudBlue Commerce Database Server.

Follow these steps below to change the browser window title:

  1. Execute the following SQL query in the CloudBlue Commerce database:
  2. plesk=> INSERT INTO confman_parameters (name, type, edit_by, user_id, value, limits) VALUES ('hide-branding-title', 0, 'p', 1, 1, -1);
  3. Upload the customized locale file with the resource key BRANDED.BROWSER_WINDOW_TITLE set to the desired value. This may be done in CloudBlue Commerce PCP at System > Settings > Locales per locale.

Example of a customized locale file:

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>

<locale code="en_US">






                    <phrase>Control Panel</phrase>






Alternatively, you can insert this entry into an already existing customization file:



    <phrase>Control Panel</phrase>     <comment></comment>


Additional information: Delete the added record in the CloudBlue Commerce database or set its value to "0" to restore the default title.

Important note: It is necessary to synchronize the local properties cache after updating the database. To do this, restart the CloudBlue Commerce UI service on all UI servers using instructions in this article

Configuration with IDP module

Note: The instructions below are applicable only for CloudBlue Commerce 8.0, or later.

1. Open access to IDP management panel

2. To change the log-in page title to "Log in to <display_name>", complete the following steps:

 In the left menu of the IDP management panel, open the "sr<brand_id>" security realm and customize the "Display name" property.

Internal content

Additionally, CUSTOM_PAGE_TITLE value could be redefined in Skin. If you use built-in skins for localization, you need to change default value in /usr/local/pem/wildfly-8.2.0.Final/ext/pem/common/js/pem.js on Core and UI nodes. (actual for build