WebHosting Plesk subscription transfer fails:

Some of the resources associated with this subscription cannot be transferred.

The following can be seen in /var/log/pa/core.log on Management Node:

Jul 5 01:19:41.359 : DBG [openapi:49773 p:-default-threadpool;-w:-Idle:760 pau]: c.p.p.s.d.e.DBServiceBean ' SELECT COUNT(1) AS c FROM aps_resource_link l JOIN aps_resource ext_r ON = l.target_resource_id JOIN aps_type_info ext_i ON = ext_r.type_info_id JOIN aps_resource_link sub_l ON sub_l.target_resource_id = l.source_resource_id JOIN aps_resource sub_r ON = sub_l.source_resource_id WHERE ext_i.type_id = ? AND sub_l.source_relation_id = '' AND sub_l.target_relation_id IS NULL AND sub_l.role_mask = 2 AND sub_r.uid IN ( ? )'. Parameters: [, c7aaa4e1-f006-4f2b-b749-a251e224e552] [sqlpid: 33666]
Jul 5 01:19:41.362 : DBG [openapi:49773 1:24681:7f2113fff700 SAAS ]: [ OwnerChangeScenario2x::validate] <=== EXIT [0.003410]
Jul 5 01:19:41.362 : DBG [openapi:49773 1:24681:7f2113fff700 SAAS ]: [ APS::APSManager_impl::checkChangeSubscriptionOwner] <=== EXIT [0.356289]
Jul 5 01:19:41.362 : DBG [openapi:49773 1:24681:7f2113fff700 SAAS ]: [ SaaS::SaaSManager_impl::doCheckChangeSubscriptionOwner] <=== EXIT [0.357248]
Jul 5 01:19:41.363 : DBG [openapi:49773 p:-default-threadpool;-w:-Idle:784 pau]: c.p.p.s.s.e.SubscriptionResourcesManagerBean change subscription #1010067 sc_id#12 owner to #1009355 allowability test returned: 2


Email Account resources prevent transfering due to mailboxes are linked to subscription admin user. They cannot be transferred without the user since the service will not work in this case. The admin user itself cannot be moved as well due to the limitation.


Feature request PFR-2582 has been submitted in order to add possibility to re-assign WebHosting Plesk mailboxes from one user to another one.

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