OA backup script is included into the system package pleskd and is located in the folder /usr/local/pem/bin. The script has quite a few command-line options:

# /usr/local/pem/bin/ --help back up PEM subsystem or PEM server

Usage: [options]
--help                        This message
-o, -output-directory         Directory to place backup file to.
                              Directory will be created if it does not exist.
-z                            GZip produced tarballs
-t <tag>                      Make backup with specified tag. Valid tags are:
                              db - back up system DB
                              mn - back up Management Node files
                              ui - back up all UI servers in PEM cluster
                              <arbitrary string> - create file backup from
                              specified list of directories
If tag is an arbitrary string, following options may also be used:
-x                            <path> - exclude directory or file <path> from
                              backup. This option may be specified
                              multiple times.
-h host, --host host          Specify host to backup. Backup file still will
                              be stored locally.

For example, to backup OA database every night at 1:10am, put the following line into /etc/crontab:

10 1 \* \* \* root /usr/local/pem/bin/ -o backups_dir -t db

where <backups_dir> is the destination backup folder, which can be NFS mounted share.

If you do not wish to receive script output by e-mail (cron sends output to root by default, see MAILTO variable in /etc/crontab), append the string with >> /dev/null:

10 1 \* \* \* root /root/scripts/ -o backups_dir  -t db >> /dev/null

Another predefined types of backups are:

  • mn - create backup of OA management node files
  • ui - create backup of all UI servers in OA installation

Corresponding entries in the file /etc/crontab may look like this:

10 1 \* \* \* root /usr/local/pem/bin/ -o backups_dir -t mn
10 1 \* \* \* root /usr/local/pem/bin/ -o backups_dir -t ui

You may also want to exclude some folders from backup which contain much static data which are not changed often, e.g. these ones:

  • /usr/local/pem/var/cores - core dumps from OA components
  • /usr/local/pem/vhosts - virtual hosts
  • /usr/local/pem/sysvhosts - system virtual hosts (since OA 2.9, e.g. - PPM packages repository is placed there)

    In this case you need to pass an arbitrary string in the parameter -t to name backup and corresponding entry in the file /etc/crontab may look like this (put it as a single line):

    10 1 \* \* \* /usr/local/pem/bin/ -o /backup -t mn-custom -x /usr/local/pem/var/cores -x /usr/local/pem/vhosts -x /usr/local/pem/sysvhosts /usr/local/pem/

    Pay attention to the fact that folders in parameter -x must be put without trailing slash /, e.g. /usr/local/pem/var/cores, not /usr/local/pem/var/cores/.

    The command above will create backup of the whole folder /usr/local/pem excluding the subfolders /usr/local/pem/var/cores, /usr/local/pem/vhosts and /usr/local/pem/sysvhosts, the backup will be placed in the folder /backup. This will allow to exclude static content from backups and make them smaller in size.

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