Parallels Operations Automation (POA) allows the Provider to configure php.ini settings using the Provider Control Panel, providing an easy way to manage settings for specific hosts, or for the entire installation.

Log in to the POA Provider Control Panel under the admin account, and go to the Service Director > Shared Hosting Manager > Apache Configuration.

Here you can choose an existing Apache service configuration or create a new configuration per your needs and host attributes.

To adjust PHP parameters click on the required Apache service configuration, switch to the 'PHP Configuration' and click Edit. Modify PHP options located on different tabs on the screen to suit your needs:

Once you have finished changing the configuration, go to the General tab and click the Apply Changes button.

Note: If you need to disable a specific PHP function, e.g., due to a security reason, you have to switch the safe_mode option to On. Otherwise, the screen with the disable_functions field will not display.

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