Release Notes

Fixed Issues

  • CCU-14822 incremental backups restore failed because of unwraping

Included from OA 7.0.1 HOTFIX 130602 OACI v10

  • CCU-14794 Resource usage could be not properly processed after HW node connection update. Same summary would be used for all clones

Included from OA 7.0.1 HOTFIX 130509 OACI v9

  • CCU-14587 Fix PACI-vm2vf stuck/crashes on pthread_join, create more effective PACI-vm2vf watchdog
  • CCU-14586 PrlSrvGetCommonPrefscbp method may stuck with no reason

Included from OA 7.0.1 HOTFIX 130378 OACI v8

  • CCU-14486 VE is stopped after failover in pstorage cluster
  • CCU-14458 Allow to input "0" as value for backup schedule parameters: "Backups to Keep" and "Number of Incremental Backups"
  • CCU-14456 Desynchronize periodic tasks in IM
  • CCU-14436 downsell in PACI APS is not working for public IP
  • CCU-14240 VM System Flags are reset by IM

Included from OA 7.0.1 HOTFIX 130304 OACI v7

  • CCU-14386 Recreation task completed with no plesk inside and Panel resource already 0

Included from OA 7.0.1 HOTFIX 130196 OACI v6

  • CCU-14177 Create task for vps recreation

Included from OA 7.0.1 HOTFIX 130186 OACI v5

  • CCU-14176 VE stop operation fails in case when VE already in stopped/mounted state

  • CCU-14169 Change default timeout for apply ST limits for subscriptions

  • CCU-14172 removal of failed incremental backups

Included from OA 7.0.1 HOTFIX 130154 OACI v4

  • CCU-14119 issues with mutexes and job_wait logic, causing for pthread_cond_timedwait

Included from OA 7.0.1 HOTFIX 130133 OACI v3

  • CCU-14118 Restore button only for 1st backup in list

  • CCU-14078 Upsell wizard for ip allows to do concurrent requests to IM overusing ips

Included from OA 7.0.1 HOTFIX 130071 OACI v2

  • CCU-14063 Template delivery with exception and os-template is not registered at node

  • CCU-14107 PTR aps resource is not created for existing VPSes during upgrade to 6.1-10689

Included from OA 7.0.1 HOTFIX 130045 OACI v1

  • CCU-14059 Cannot create Win VM - platform.os.version': could not convert JSON property value '2012_SP0' into type 'number'

  • CCU-14058 OACI usage not gathered if subscription locked: Plesk.ErrorHandling.ResourceManagement.SubscriptionLocked Subscription #1000001 is locked.

  • CCU-14040 OACI agent do not have job timeout on SubscribeToPerfStat

  • CCU-14039 CCP VPS Screen loading slow, because of warn.msg.password undefined

  • CCU-14031 Templates delivery goes between nodes in different locations


This hotfix can be downloaded from here.


Use pa_updates_installer KB111323 to install this hotfix. Also this hotfix will be installed automatically during upgrade to OA 7.0 via pa_updates_installer.

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