Release Notes

    This hotfix also requires:

    OA 7.0.1 HOTFIX 130570 PAU v18

    OA 7.0.1 HOTFIX 130584 UI CORE APP v6

    OA 7.0.1 HOTFIX 130561 APS v5

Fixed Issues

New Fixed Issues

  • POA-110847 APSError class is not available on PUI leading to errors in CCP 'Hosted Domains' and PCP domains tab
  • CCU-14828 Legacy PACI PAYG is manageable even if sales order fails
  • POA-110997 Unable to edit TTL values for resource records

Included from OA 7.0.1 HOTFIX 130435 PUI v14

  • POA-110465 JSESSIONID must be HttpOnly
  • POA-110413 Incorrect certificate+private combination leads to Apache crash on UI NG cluster
  • APS-41010 LoginAs function should disconnect vendor's browser window from customer's one
  • APS-41000 Navigation menu item translation changes on switching CCPv2 tabs
  • APS-40983 XSS vulnerability in CCP v2

Included from OA 7.0.1 HOTFIX 130408 PUI v13

  • APS-40930 APS apps subscription flow extension
  • APS-40950 Can not load CCP v2 home page

Included from OA 7.0.1 HOTFIX 130394 PUI v12

  • CCU-13696 Incorrect keymap in Japanese keyboard layout VM console

Included from OA 7.0.1 HOTFIX 130368 PUI v11

  • APS-40793 Unable to send HTML emails through Notification Manager

  • POA-110191 Password restoring works incorrectely in some cases

  • PBA-79268 Blank page after redirect in C++ plugins

Included from OA 7.0.1 HOTFIX 130318 PUI v10

  • APS-40711 Remove Odin favicon

  • APS-40710 Should be change default Odin Logo to another

  • APS-40706 CCPv2: very slow JS on Users page with users > 10

  • APS-40694 404 after request resource from navigation when there is > 1000 resources in scope

Included from OA 7.0.1 HOTFIX 130206 PUI v9

  • POA-109611 APS slider watcher delays with values affecting price calculation

Included from OA 7.0.1 HOTFIX 130179 PUI v8

  • POA-109513 Underscore support in CNAME DNS records

Included from OA 7.0.1 HOTFIX 130164 PUI v7

  • APS-40013 Applications icons are incorrectly shown on "More Services" tab of CCPv1

  • APS-39970 OSA Email templates Edit mode limited to 800 chars

  • APS-40137 Suwizard for applications in CCPv2 does not work if 'Show Orders/Subscriptions' is set off

Included from OA 7.0.1 HOTFIX 130043 PUI v6

  • APS-39863 Legacy APS applications are not reachable in CCPv2 if there are to many of them

Included from OA 7.0.1 HOTFIX 129975 PUI v5

  • POA-108867 Unable to hide Domains in CCP v2 under reseller

  • POA-108573 pem.addDNSHosting does not enable Zone management ability

  • POA-108737 Wildcard support in DNS records

Included from OA 7.0.1 HOTFIX 129953 PUI v4

  • APS-39653 The creation of the service user with O365 APS1.2 service has failed

  • APS-39444 Backport of "request to ...ccp/legacy/user-list is slow"

Included from OA 7.0.1 HOTFIX 129943 PUI v3

  • APS-39556 APS2 Applications with groups in navigation are not handled properly

Included from OA 7.0.1 HOTFIX 129890 PUI v2

  • APS-39442 Backport of "avoid unnecessary AJAX calls for system-wide data" fix

Included from OA 7.0.1 HOTFIX 129842 PUI v1

  • APS-39333 legacy navigation trigger many ResCache misses, calling getSubsWithRTTreeList() many times

  • APS-39286 Bruteforcing passwords using /servlet/Sessions endpoint


This hotfix can be downloaded from here.


Use pa_updates_installer KB111323 to install this hotfix. Also this hotfix will be installed automatically during upgrade to OA 7.0.1 via pa_updates_installer.

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