Severity level indicates the relative impact of an issue on our customer’s systems or business processes. CloudBlue support uses the following severity level definitions to classify all support requests:

  • Severity 1 (Urgent):

    • A mission critical service is down and no workaround is immediately available.
    • The production Odin Service Automation/CloudBlue Commerce system is down or unavailable.
    • Ordering services via storefront is not possible.
    • The software crashes, corrupts data or there is a significant risk of loss or corruption.
    • A crucial  Odin Service Automation/CloudBlue Commerce component is not functioning, resulting in the halt of all operations and critical business impact.
  • Note #1: The issue affects a significant number of end-users. No workaround or immediate solution is available. Once a workaround is made available, the issue becomes Severity 3 (Normal).

    Note #2: For Severity 1 and 2 cases it is required to leave a contact phone number on the web form and make sure you can answer it right away in order to work on the issue on an ongoing basis. If you are unreachable over the phone, Severity can be reduced to 3 (Normal) by the decision of a Support team leader or account manager.

  • Severity 2 (High):

    • A customer is unable to use an entire component or business-critical feature as described in the documentation and the issue affects a significant number of customers.
    • A significant performance degradation of the control panel/storefront or other crucial service (mail/shared hosting/etc.) that causes a high impact on business operations for a significant number of customers. Once the situation is stabilized and performance returns to normal, the issue becomes a Severity 3 (Normal).
    • The issue does not affect existing end users and causes impact only to provisioning of services to a significant number of new end users.
    • A significant number of failed tasks/orders with the same root cause, that are related to one Odin Service Automation/CloudBlue Commerce component, which is preventing mission critical upgrade/service launch into production. A Support Representative will categorize all tasks and may fork issues with different root causes to different requests setting appropriate Severity.
    • Incorrect/undocumented functionality of Odin Service Automation/CloudBlue Commerce components that is preventing mission critical upgrade/service launch into production.
  • Note #1: The issue should be reproducible at the moment of ticket creation, so investigation can be performed right after the issue is reported.

    Note #2: For Severity 2 cases, if any help from CloudBlue Engineering team is required, it will be provided during their business hours only.

  • Severity 3 (Normal):

    • A customer is able to use the software; however, there is a non-critical loss of functionality.
    • Issue affects some, but not all of the users (inability to manage a single account, domain, database or Virtuozzo Container, provisioning of a particular subscriptions fails, or an order or task failing to complete).
    • Functionality of some components is impaired, but allows the users to continue using the software.
    • Issue is not always reproducible or the issue is intermittent.
    • Issue is reported for the lab/staging/development environment and does not impact the delivery of service.
  • Severity 4 (Minor):
    • A stable solution or workaround for the issue is provided and the Support Team continues to investigate for the root cause.
    • A customer is able to use the software; however some minor problems may exist that do not impact delivery of service.
    • A minor cosmetic issues or general usage questions.
    • Requests for information about software usage.
    • Enhancement requests or recommendation for a future product improvement.
    • Missing or erroneous documentation.

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