A support code is a 10-digit number divided into 5-character blocks: xxxxx-xxxxx.

The support code is provided by a Sales Representative after you sign a support contract with CloudBlue.

If you have a support code, you need to indicate it while submitting requests to the Technical Support team via email, phone or chat. No matter what way of contacting Support you choose, there will be a step when you will be asked to enter the code.

You can obtain a support code from your Sales Representative or find it in to your RT Self-Service account:

Self Service enables you to track, resolve, create new tickets and re-open the tickets opened on behalf of your company.

If you have never logged in to your Self-Service account before, follow this link to activate your account. You should enter the email address used to contact CloudBlue Support and your ticket number.

A ticket is your request with CloudBlue Support, it is always displayed in the subject of an email sent by CloudBlue Support and looks like this: #1234567. If you contact CloudBlue Support over the phone, the ticket number is given to you before you are connected to a Support representative.

Once your account is activated, you will receive an email with your activation link to the RT Self-Service. .

Complete instructions on activation of the account are available in this article.

NOTE : The incident will be deducted only when a customer opens ticket using the Support Code. If the ticket is created and closed with the Customer Support team, the ticket will not be deducted from the Support Contract.

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