What is CloudBlue Support Refund Policy for a support incident?


If you have a support contract that includes a limited number of incidents, one incident will be deducted from the contract when you create a ticket. The Refund Policy is not applicable for incidents raised for the product versions reached End of Life. A support incident will be returned to your support contract in the following cases:

  1. When the ticket was created for a hotfix installation. This includes updating of Office 365 APS and Azure CSP applications.

  2. When the ticket is a request for a new feature, functionality or product improvements and no valid workaround was provided by CloudBlue Support.

  3. You have fixed the issue on your own, and no other assistance was provided by CloudBlue support.

  4. The reported issue was caused by a product bug with no publicly available solution or workaround.

Note to point 4: The refund policy is not applied in the following cases:

  • The fix for the bug is released as Hotfix, Update or included into the new product version. The description of the fix is available in corresponding release notes.
  • There is a KB article published at CloudBlue Knowledge Base with the bug description and its workaround.

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