There is an option to enable APS Development Mode in System -> Settings -> System properties, what would change when it's enabled?


  • disabled server-side caching of static content in pemui (it it possible to change files in /usr/local/pem/APS/packages/<GUID>/ui/ folder and see the changes in browser).

    downside: increased network latency and CPU/disk load

  • additional logging in core.log & apsc.http.log & saas.http.log

    downside: need to monitor available space of /var partition closely and adjust log rotation if needed

  • aps.debug.js library is used instead of aps.js (uncompressed vs. compressed)

  • Additional black developer messages related to the errors in JS code are shown in CCPv2 with APS Development Mode enabled


  1. The term APS Development mode is also used on endpoint host when developing APS packages. If global constant APS_DEVELOPMENT_MODE is defined in PHP scripts, endpoint logs will contain verbose information. This mode should be disabled before releasing the package into production.
  2. If the "APS development mode" system property is enabled then all APS navigation requests are now serialized, and each user in UX1 waits for the end of processing requests made by other users. It can lead to the constant Full GC process. This property must be used only on developer installations. Do not enable this property in a production environment.

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