General information

  • APS version: 2.0
  • Name: Hostopia
  • Version: 2.0-770
  • Vendor: Inc.
  • Packager: Ingram Micro Cloud
  • Certified for: OA 8.3, OA 8.2, OA 8.1, OA 8.0, OA 7.4


Hostopia is the global, white-label division of Deluxe, delivering a white-label platform for Deluxe's suite of small business solutions. Established in 1999 and acquired by Deluxe in 2008, Hostopia provides reliable and proprietary solutions for hosting and email with in-house development and technology teams and data centers around the world.

Hostopia APS makes it possible to sell Hostopia services through an Odin Automation Premium online store. In addition, the Customer Control Panel provided by the APS connector will allow Customers to associate domains with Hostopia products, manage service-level add-ons and domain add-ons and manage the subscription.

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