General information

  • APS version: 2.0
  • Name: vCloudDirector
  • Version: 1.2-397
  • Vendor: Ingram Micro
  • Packager: Ingram Micro Cloud
  • Certified for: OA 8.3, OA 8.2, OA 8.1, OA 8.0, OA 7.4


VMware vCloud Director is an integrated offering that brings together VMware’s industry-leading vSphere hypervisor and multi-vendor hybrid cloud management platform. VMware’s new portable licensing units allow vCloud Suite to build and manage vSphere-based private clouds.

VMware vCloud APS makes it possible to sell VMware vCloud Director through an Odin Automation online store, allowing the Service Providers to configure the Provider VDC Lists and Network types. In turn, the APS package will allow customers to view information about their VDC subscriptions, request public IP for the VDC and view consumed usage of Virtual Machines and public IPs

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