Release Notes

    This hotfix also requires:

    OA 7.0.1 HOTFIX 130570 PAU v18

    OA 7.0.1 HOTFIX 130435 PUI v14

    OA 7.0.1 HOTFIX 130561 APS v5

Fixed Issues

  • APS-41433 The “Activate” and “Resend Activation Email” buttons do not work for the service users with no assigned services.
  • APS-41510 Sorting users by the "Status" column results in an empty list.

Included from OA 7.0.1 HOTFIX 130324 UI CORE APP v5

  • APS-40706 7.0.1HF: CCPv2: very slow JS on Users page with users > 10

Included from OA 7.0.1 HOTFIX 130180 UI CORE APP v4

  • POA-109513 Underscore support in CNAME DNS records

  • APS-40165 Missed localization for some strings in 'Add New Users' and 'Assign Services' wizards

Included from OA 7.0.1 HOTFIX 130046 UI CORE APP v3

  • APS-39896 Support of OpenCloud and CloudServers apps in the Add New User wizard

Included from OA 7.0.1 HOTFIX 129977 UI CORE APP v2

  • POA-108737 Wildcard support in DNS records

Included from OA 7.0.1 HOTFIX 129841 UI CORE APP v1

  • APS-39287 CPv2 account admin Mobile Phone number is shown as 44#7700#900375#


This hotfix can be downloaded from here.


Use pa_updates_installer KB111323 to install this hotfix. Also this hotfix will be installed automatically during upgrade to OA 7.0.1 via pa_updates_installer.

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