Customer has placed domain transfer order for domain TLD which is assigned to InternetX PHP domain plugin. No matter the fact that transfer has failed at registrar side order still has status "Long Running Operation" and never fails.

From pa-domain-sdk.log the following error may be found:

    [Wed Oct 10 12:00:02 2018] [pid 29332] AH01215: [DEBUG] [InterNetX->TransferSync index.php:88]  RESPONSE : {"completed":false,"expirydate":"","msg":"Domain <domain name> finisched with status failed","lockenabled":"locked"}


This behavior is caused by software-related issue #POA-115896 (Incorrect logic for transfer status check for php-based InternetX).


Please contact your Technical Account Manager or Pooled Technical Associates team ( to trace the status of the #POA-115896.

The following steps should be applied in order to fail the transfer order:

  1. Find affected order and open it
  2. Copy domain name to some document
  3. Go to tab "Provisioning Items"
  4. Copy "ItemID" and "SubscriptionID" to some document
  5. Go to Billing-Settings-Events
  6. Find event "Creation Completed"
  7. Trigger event with the following parameters: DomainOperation=90;GateID=5;IssuedSuccessfully=0;Message=Domain transfer failed.;OrderItemID=(itemID from step 4);ServiceName=(Domain name from step2);SubscrID=(SubscriptionID from step 4)

Aforementioned actions will fail the order and it will be possible to apply changes to it.

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