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This hotfix requires Odin Automation Premium 7.3 or later.

Fixed Issues

  • CCU-18514 Cloud Server Sales Wizard for Marketplace in UX1 for Customers
  • CCU-18403 Sign Up Wizard support for Cloud Server subscription
  • CCU-18496 Scheduled Backup operations blocked if number of backups which cannot find suitable node exceeds batchSize
  • CCU-18406 sets 100Mbit/s unconditionally


The Cloud Infrastructure 17.13 hotfix 2 can be downloaded at

Installation Procedure

To install the Cloud Infrastructure hotfix, do the following:

  1. On the management node, download the OACI package from

    # wget
  2. Unpack the OACI package:

    # unzip
  3. Enter the folder with installation files:

    # cd oaci-17.13-XXX
  4. Run the precheck script, which checks compatibility with platform and its version. It also checks whether the Cloud Infrastructure application is already installed and its version.

    # python
  5. Run the installation script.

    # python script will install the hotfix.

Important: In case of OACI upgrade from 17.12 > 17.13 it is required to restart OA services on the Management Node after the Cloud Infrastructure Automation 17.13 package installation as the following:

# service pa-agent stop
# service pau stop
# service pau start
# service pa-agent start

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