Provisioning "Subscription" for APS application Office 365 task fails with the following output:

Invalid IncludedQuantity X for item at index X for OfferId XXXXXXXX-XXXX-XXXX-XXXX-XXXXXXXXXXXX. Valid range is between MinimumQuantity=X and MaximumQuantity=X.

The following string appears in the sitelog:

 DEBUG flow        : Need to create subscription for  offer fbf0328a-8b0f-47a6-9483-dc2b36183fce = 0
 DEBUG flow        : Creating subscription: fbf0328a-8b0f-47a6-9483-dc2b36183fce -> 0.
 ERROR flow        : Create the subscription failed.
       Partner Exception:
       Error Category: BadInput
       Service Error Payload:
       Error code: 2000
       Error message: Invalid IncludedQuantity 0 for item at index 0 for OfferId FBF0328A-8B0F-47A6-9483-DC2B36183FCE. Valid range is between MinimumQuantity=1 and MaximumQuantity=30000.


Incorrect configuration of the storage add-on resource. In case of storage add-on resource has unit unit of measure, parameter A value for conversion limits to MS units in OA > Resources > Open Resource > Activation Parameters must be set to 1.


Contact your Technical Account Manager or Support Team to apply a solution.

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