Release Notes

Fixed Issues

New Fixed Issues

  • APS-40078 OSA Email templates Edit mode limited to 800 chars

Included from OA 7.0.0 HOTFIX 130130 PUI v9

  • APS-40012 Applications icons are incorrectly shown on "More Services" tab of CCPv1

Included from OA 7.0.0 HOTFIX 129946 PUI v8

Included from OA 7.0.0 HOTFIX 129871 PUI v7

  • APS-39392 7.0.0HF: View mode of "Own Users" privilege does not allow to login as customer

Included from OA 7.0.0 HOTFIX 129643 PUI v6

  • CCU-13620 There is no host with ID error connecting via branding only

Included from OA 7.0.0 HOTFIX 129559 PUI v5

  • CCU-13319 CPU grows more than limit for old ve in subscription with changed activation parameters

  • APS-38677 [o365] Unable to create instance of O365 in 7.0 RTM if there's a previous package having earler app schema

Included from OA 7.0.0 HOTFIX 129477 PUI v4

  • POA-106493 Links inside Account section on Home screen follow to a broken page

  • APS-38408 CCPv2 : Locale for some tiles in Dashboard is changed randomly to English

Included from OA 7.0.0 HOTFIX 129378 PUI v3

  • APS-38174 Impossible to add website to DropMySite application in OA 7.0

Included from OA 7.0.0 HOTFIX 129267 PUI v2

  • POA-105922 RTL displayed incorrectly in legacy UI

  • APS-37940 CCP v2 localization issue.

  • APS-37939 Wrong usage aps/Checkbox in applications

  • APS-37938 OSA 7.0 error "dojo/parser::parse() error TypeError: a._getForDOM is not a function"

  • APS-37937 Tooltip in aps/ActiveList is broken

  • APS-37936 [aps/_Button] Setter for property 'disabled' is broken

  • APS-37935 onClick handler called twice if RadioButton or Checkbox inside WidgetList

Included from OA 7.0.0 HOTFIX 129179 PUI v1

  • APS-37798 Hiding copyright for special OSA license owners

  • APS-37653 Add /v3/css/style.min.css instead of removed custom-base.css

  • APS-37652 pieTile has issue with Colors

  • APS-37651 Checkboxes behaveis in Ui runtime 2.2 the contrary than 2.1


This hotfix can be downloaded from here.


Use pa_updates_installer KB111323 to install this hotfix. Also this hotfix will be installed automatically during upgrade to OA 7.0 via pa_updates_installer.

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