With C++ SDK upgraded to version 8.0, an atempt to build a plug-in with C++ SDK fails. The error description is similar to the following:

# waf build     
Waf: Entering directory `/root/EcommercePlugins/TEST/.build'    
Running with 6 parallel jobs.   
[2/3] LISA post-generation task manager -> processing 1 CXX tasks   
[ 8/11] cxx: -> .build/default/bodies_1.o     
In file included from ../../../../usr/local/bm/include/BM/.src/internals/oAccount.hpp:7:0,      
                 from ../
../../../../usr/local/bm/include/BM/internals/headers/bAccount.hpp:8:24: fatal error: ApsToken.hpp: No such file or directory   
 #include <ApsToken.hpp>    
compilation terminated.     

Possible Cause

New header files ApsToken.hpp and ApsCurlClient.hpp were introduced in 8.0 but are missing in C++ SDK.


Apply the following diff to file /usr/local/bm/include/BM/internals/headers/bAccount.hpp:

diff --git a/include/BM/internals/headers/bAccount.hpp b/include/BM/internals/headers/bAccount.hpp     
index c1f30f3db4c..c2d640ac8d1 100644   
--- a/modules/billing/sources/BM/internals/headers/bAccount.hpp     
+++ b/modules/billing/sources/BM/internals/headers/bAccount.hpp     
@@ -5,9 +5,9 @@     
 #include <BM.h>    
 #include <internals/base/bAccountBase.hpp>     
 #include <include/resacts/ResellerExecutor.hpp>    
-#include <ApsToken.hpp>    
-#include <ApsCurlClient.hpp>   

+class ApsCurlClient;   
+class ApsToken;    
 class RapJsonArrayNode;    
 class RapJsonObjectNode;       

Internal content