Release notes

    This hotfix also requires: OA 7.0.1 HOTFIX 130638 PUI v15 OA 7.0.1 HOTFIX 130584 UI CORE APP v6 OA 7.0.1 HOTFIX 130561 APS v5

Fixed Issues

New Fixed Issues

  • POA-111037 Extended expiration date for DNSSEC-enabled zones causes BIND validation errors
  • POA-111036 'pem.getDomainList' API method does not return domain without DNS hosting

Imported from OA .0.1 HOTFIX 130570 PAU v18

  • APS-41431 methods do not work with resources upgraded from 1.0. sample version to 1.1.
  • POA-110813 Migration of PowerDNS service from CentOS 5 to CentOS 7 fails at the step of CentOS 7 node reregistration.
  • POA-110879 Reregistration of billing node after switching of IP from RHEL6 to RHEL7 node.

Imported from OA 7.0.1 HOTFIX 130538 PAU v17

  • POA-110706 Inactive dns records appears in zone file after "Release from hold"
  • APS-41351 The link between pa/account resource and application resource of APS2 is not removed after unproviding APS2 subscription

Imported from OA 7.0.1 HOTFIX 130401 PAU v16

  • APS-40930 APS apps subscription flow extension

Imported from OA 7.0.1 HOTFIX 130365 PAU v15

  • POA-110221 Enable PostgreSQL 9.6

Imported from OA 7.0.1 HOTFIX 130366 PAU v14

  • APS-40793 Unable to send HTML emails through Notification Manager

Imported from OA 7.0.1 HOTFIX 130344 PAU v13

  • POA-110117 Package cannot be reinstalled if it has 'null' property value
  • POA-110116 Rackage reinstallation skips reintallation of dependencies.
  • POA-110069 "Reregister" operation reinstall billinng packages into wrong location
  • POA-110068 "PCP => Service Nodes => Reregister" operation generate "Reinstall package" task and "reinstall" of package silently ignored

Imported from OA 7.0.1 HOTFIX 130325 PAU v12

  • PBA-79160 OnlineStore domain check availability uses SalesCategory(all available for sale tld's) instead of list of marked plans(tld's)
  • POA-110047 API returns only the result of the last method when using batch request

Imported from OA 7.0.1 HOTFIX 130286 PAU v11

  • POA-109964 Event handler 'Subscription provisioned' in OA side is not triggered upon subscription activation

Imported from OA 7.0.1 HOTFIX 130242 PAU v10

  • POA-109527 Subscriptions with mismatching PHP resources cannot be migrated between ST

  • APS-40034 Backnet IP is used in notifications if neither customer nor its vendor has an brand

Imported from OA 7.0.1 HOTFIX 130207 PAU v9

  • POA-109630 Domain can't be removed if there is an existing service user on .deleted

  • POA-109127 BrandedServiceBean.findBrandedServices() takes >1sec on CCPv2 click on OpenExchange app

  • APS-40284 Site preview url and Webalizer statistics url do not work if they are sub-domains on a brand domain

  • POA-109127 Capability upload favicon.icon for brand

  • APS-40143 Invalid credentials format in OA database may lead to authentication bypass

Imported from OA 7.0.1 HOTFIX 130177 PAU v8

  • POA-109512 Reinstall for sc Apache does not work, Failed to process DII command for package Apache

  • POA-109511 Properties are not initialized during packages re-installation

  • POA-109510 Re-registration of host is broken

  • POA-109509 Packages are not reinstalled during host Re-registration

  • POA-109508 PPM reinstall does not work, nothing changed after reinstall And features

  • POA-109513 Underscore support in CNAME DNS records

  • POA-109495 Ability import & install reseller-specific skins

Imported from OA 7.0.1 HOTFIX 130159 PAU v7

  • POA-109459 Domain subscription removal fails if domain registrationInfo APS resource does not exist

Imported from OA 7.0.1 HOTFIX 130149 PAU v6

  • POA-109420 An unexpected error occurred under "Hosted Domains" Tabs in CCP

Imported from OA 7.0.1 HOTFIX 130083 PAU 5

  • POA-109329 SDK::getServiceTemplateSubscriptions can cause OA outage

  • POA-109092 Unable to provision Qmail service on domain through Hosting CP

  • APS-39888 APS transaction is not committed together with CORBA transaction in pem.addAccount

Imported from OA 7.0.1 HOTFIX 130015 PAU 4

  • POA-109014 Dns zone APS Resource is not updated upon SDK::removeExternalMasterNS

  • APS-39809 Restore legacy behavior of Service Users creation via POST ServiceUser on APS bus

  • POA-109015 Unable to transfer subscription due to incorrect IP pool properties evaluation

Imported from OA 7.0.1 HOTFIX 129973 PAU v3

  • POA-108861 CP outage when unsubscribe user notifications

  • POA-108812 Inactive dns records remain in zone file

  • APS-39059 Operands in email templates with custom locale is broken after upgrade 6.0.8 > 7.0

  • POA-108573 pem.addDNSHosting does not enable Zone management ability

  • POA-108908 Wildcard support in DNS records

Imported from OA 7.0.1 HOTFIX 129888 PAU v2

  • POA-108688 NullPointerException on domain removal, when the domain contact replacement is used

  • POA-108574 Quick adding / removal of a domain for master+slave DNS hosting renders CORBA_UNKNOWN

  • PBA-77675 Domain renewal order is stuck in provisioning stage if domain has custom contact

  • APS-39508 "Forgot password" link does not work for login-based user (and works for e-mail-based).

  • POA-107373 Domain name is added to the end of CNAME records

  • APS-39472 APStype on subscription/resources return items for APS1.2 applications with empty apsType

  • APS-39430 [ERROR] nonconforming type in table 'brand_certificates'

Imported from OA 7.0.1 HOTFIX 129846 PAU v1

  • APS-39302 Reseller wizard cannot be passed due to absence of IP resource

  • POA-107687 Email sent for Reseller's customer is not localized

  • APS-39353 Second user created with OpenAPI call is not propagated from BA to OA


This hotfix can be downloaded from here.


Use pa_updates_installer KB111323 to install this hotfix. Also this hotfix will be installed automatically during upgrade to OA 7.0.1 via pa_updates_installer.