Reseller's customer is unable to place a zero price order (100% discount) in UX1 when no payment method configured to the customer's account. During last order steps, on a "Confirm Your Purchase" page, the Purchase button is grayed out (unable to complete the order).


    This behavior is by design - "Purchase" button is not available, if a customer has no valid payment method. 

For example: "Check/Cash" Payment system has the option "Available for customers" = [No] and no other Payment Method is configured for customers.

    Confirmation popup for an order will be shown with zero prices in the following scenarios:

1). Setting "Show zero price" is on in subscription period, resource rate or active promotion

2). 100% discount is active for customer by customer class (by design setting "Show zero price" is on in this case)

3). 100% discount by promo code will be applied on confirmation popup (popup is already shown)


    Several options are available in order to workaround the issue:

- add a Payment Method for Customer 

- replace 100% discount with 0.00 price for Subscription Periods and Resource Rates, Disable option "Show zero price". in this case Order will be placed without confirmation popup.