An attempt to remove a domain failed with error:

{'status': -1, 'error_message': 'Could not remove APS entity ""', 'extype_id': 1, 'module_id': 'DnsZoneMutator', 'error_code': 1, 'properties': {'domain_id': xxxxx, 'domain_name': ''}

The error above appeared in /var/log/pa/core.log after attempt to execute DELETE request on "null":

Mar 26 00:27:50.285 : DBG [openapi:585657 remoting-task-309:401515 pau]: c.p.p.s.a.HTTPRequestSenderBase HTTPRequestSender for module pacore: url='aps/2/application/rest/null', method='DELETE', headers='{}
 ', entity='null'


The issue occurred due to several entries of the impacted domain exist in OA database.

It is due to #POA-115353 whereby several redundant entries remained due to previous unsuccessful attempts to provision the domain.



Contact your Technical Account Manager or a member of Pooled Technical Associates team to clarify the status of the software-related issue.

For workaround, contact CloudBlue Technical Support.

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