When importing a Connect APS package to the CloudBlue Commerce (CBC) platform, for example, using a command similar to this:

# apsconnect install-frontend PRD-118-450-036-v1-8f00b03f4e0f4 8735ec3a8b7a495da944ba11a1c66127 --backend-url

the CBC platform returns the following error message:

Module: "PackageImportHelper", code = "1" Message: "Package metafile URI of type '' is not found.".


The APS type "" is missing in the CBC platform.


Register the "" APS type by importing the system APS package For this purpose, do the following:

  1. Download the application package.
  2. Import the downloaded application to your CBC platform:

    a. Log in to your CBC provider control panel as a provider staff member.

    b. Go to Services > Applications.

    c. Click Import Package and choose to import a local file.

    d. Click Choose File and locate the APS package downloaded in step 1.

    e. Click Submit.