After upgrade to OA 8.3, one may notice that UX1 for Customers allows purchasing domain names that are not available if a search is made with domain TLD. For example, when one looks for 'google', no free domain can be found (within .com, .org, .net) and on an attempt to click "Submit", a warning will be shown:

At least one domain must be specified. Enter a desired domain name and click "Check"

But if a search is made for '', clicking the "Submit" button allows proceeding with the order placement for '' despite that it is not available for purchase.


The ability to proceed with purchasing an occupied domain name using UX1 for Customers is considered invalid and affects installations with the platform of version 8.3. To fix this scenario, a software bug with ID OA-12136 was submitted.


Currently, there is no workaround for bug OA-12136. Contact your Technical Account Manager or Service Delivery Manager to know the current status of this software issue.