It is not possible to perform resource modification (increase quantity, change name, etc.) of subscription based on APS application.

The error like this could be seen in core.log on Management node:

Mar 29 23:16:16.230 : DBG [aps-service:45769033 aps-service-task-30335:728880 pau]: c.p.p.tracer exit by exception: correlationId task:66075996 Cannot find service 'Licencia PC' in 'mozy APS2' package.


Misconfiguration on service template level. Non-default value is set for APS-based resource type in activation parameters of service template. Such parameters should be modified only in case if it is explicitly allowed in documentation of APS package.

In example above, value "Licencia PC" was specified for "Application Service" parameter for a resource type instead of default value "mozyProAccount"


Navigate to Provider's Control Panel > Service templates > Find required Service template > Parameters, find affected value using entry from log (in the example above, it is "Licencia PC") and set default value for the parameter.