Customer placed order for a storage Microsoft offer with a big quantity (for example, 3 000 GB). However, different quantity is actually provisioned on Microsoft side or order fails with a error similar to this one:

The last error - "Task "Delivering of event notification Resource limits changed" (id = 214845) is failed with error: "'500 Internal Server Error' received from 'POST https://contoso.local:443/Office365GatewayApplication/aps/subscriptions/d1922ca9-a12c-4def-b1e3-ef800ca941eb/onSubscriptionChanged': Invalid IncludedQuantity -100663296 for item at index 0 for OfferId 53FC25F7-6639-4F78-BB44-3C2DFEC3ED40. Valid range is between MinimumQuantity=1 and MaximumQuantity=10000000.
" Service Started Successfully". 

Unit of measure for corresponding resource type is set as "GB" in billing.

Office 365 version is 19.3.


Software-related issue #APSA-22307. Issue appears due integer value overflow in Office 365 application in case if quantity is too big.


Contact your Technical Account Manager in order to clarify current status of the request.