Sales order for domain registration fails with the following error:

Platform error #error_code #1, extype_id #1, module_id #DnsZoneMutator

The following error could be seen in core.log on Management node:

May  1 23:46:27.283 : DBG [openapi:2182243 remoting-task-2853:1315539 pau]: c.p.p.c.ServiceInvoker DnsZoneMutator invocation failedjavax.ejb.EJBTransactionRolledbackException: null

It can be seen from Service Status History of subscription in Billing that initially order failed with the error on registrar side, for example:

Domain registration failed. Domain registration submitted to OpenSRS but there is a problem. (465) Invalid data Invalid syntax for owner postal_code. postal_code must be five digits


Software-related issue #POA-115353. Management node database contains redundant entries which were not removed during initial provisioning failure.


Contact CloudBlue Technical Support team in order to apply internal workaround for the issue.

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