This hotfix also requires

CB 20.4.0 HOTFIX PUI v13

CB 20.4.0 HOTFIX APS Init Wizard v1

Fixed Issues:

  • OA-15888 Log records for failed tasks were sometimes not created
  • OA-16756 PCM failed to create a service plan when the "On every purchase and after every T&C change" T&C option was used
  • OA-16888 Synchronization of some service plans between Billing and APSC failed

Included from CB 20.4.0 HOTFIX PLATFORM v18

  • OA-16136 Service Plan and Resource names readability was increased
  • OA-16432 pem.addPTRRecord does not create IPv6 ReverseDNS Records (PTR)

Included from CB 20.4.0 HOTFIX PLATFORM v17

  • OA-16093 APS Booster incorrectly filtered linked resource properties
  • OA-16283 Context was not provided in the UX1 ordering wizard

Included from CB 20.4.0 HOTFIX PLATFORM v16

  • OA-16094 Upgrade failed due to a missed order flow status in a customised order flow
  • OA-15660 The Users tab in BSS for L1 accounts opened too slowly
  • OA-15585 A BSS migration task took significant time and diskspace
  • OA-15349 BSS detail usage reports could not be delivered
  • OA-15182 UI performance reporting improvements
  • OA-14054 Using API, orders can now be placed before Terms and Conditions are accepted
  • OA-16220 Tax option "Tax Is Not Effective" is not working properly

Included from CB 20.4.0 HOTFIX PLATFORM v15

  • OA-15286 Integration of the UX1 panel with third-party Services
  • OA-14645 Billing Resource information was extended with Vendor Data
  • OA-15608 Tax Engine Support for European Standard
  • OA-15866 Tax plugin support for European Standard
  • OA-15869 New tax calculation approach
  • OA-15878 Improvements to the look of the tax rate in invoice templates and placeholders

Included from CB 20.4.0 HOTFIX PLATFORM v14

  • OA-14808Provisioning requests during application upgrade led to upgrade failure

Included from CB 20.4.0 HOTFIX PLATFORM v13

  • OA-15238 Service plan synchronizer requests public actor for every resource
  • OA-14509 Vendor data in the application was extended
  • OA-14809 Usage of Application Counted Reference resources measured using additive units was counted incorrectly

Included from CB 20.4.0 HOTFIX PLATFORM v12

  • OA-14657 Reseller transactions in RDE reports sometimes referenced incorrect plans

Included from CB 20.4.0 HOTFIX PLATFORM v11

  • OA-14662 pem.activateSubscription with 1k+ referenes can take more than 100sec to provision
  • OA-13651 Improvements in Order Management

Included from CB 20.4.0 HOTFIX PLATFORM v10

  • OA-14593 Customer billing orders were sometimes included in a reseller billing order that was generated before the customer billing orders
  • OA-14490 A L2 reseller could not place a sales order for a delegated plan through UX1 Marketplace

Included from CB 20.4.0 HOTFIX PLATFORM v9

  • OA-14486 Issue with bss-war auto bump
  • OA-14338 Import of product changes failed
  • OA-14077 Synchronization of BSS APS resources was too slow
  • OA-13814 Issues with several UX1 screens

Included from CB 20.4.0 HOTFIX PLATFORM v8

  • OA-13812 An APS resource type with more than 100 counters takes significant time to upgrade

Included from CB 20.4.0 HOTFIX PLATFORM v7

  • OA-14051 Incorrect resource switching for Boolean resources in Rating Engine

Included from CB 20.4.0 HOTFIX PLATFORM v6

  • OA-13823 The GET request with the customer's APS token returns subscription resources with non-zero limits only
  • OA-13822 Special prices in Sales Orders are not sent to Rating Engine

Included from CB 20.4.0 HOTFIX PLATFORM v5

  • OA-13796 "Application Counted Reference" resources do not change after service plan switching

Included from CB 20.4.0 HOTFIX PLATFORM v4

  • OA-13628 After the upgrade, order processing time increased significantly

Included from CB 20.4.0 HOTFIX PLATFORM v3

  • OA-13364 If MSRP is configured for several tiers in a service plan, only MSRP for the first tier can be obtained using API
  • OA-13301 The HTML to PDF converting tool was not upgraded and did not support grouping by customer and subscription in reseller invoices.
  • OA-13494 Product Inventory stability was improved

Included from CB 20.4.0 HOTFIX PLATFORM v2

  • OA-13046 Improved stability of several API methods

Included from CB 20.4.0 HOTFIX PLATFORM v1

  • OA-13170 Resource usage synchronization task for G-Suite fails with the following error:  APS GET  returns Unknown property 'customer.kind'
  • OA-13018 Multilang fields in resources are missing in the configuration exported using PCM


This hotfix can be downloaded from here.


After you install the hotfix, the following tasks will be scheduled to make the necessary updates to the system:

  • Update Documents Tax Details      
  • Update Documents Tax Percent     
  • Update Orders Tax Details

Depending on the source installation, it can take up to several hours to complete these tasks. Please make sure these tasks successfully complete. You can find these tasks in Billing PCP under Tasks. If any of these tasks fail, resubmit them. In case of other failures, please report the issues to the support team providing the following logs:

  • billing.log,     
  • billing.scheduler.log

To use the tax calculation approach where the tax rate effective on the end date of the current billing period is applied (a new feature):

  1. Install the hotfix.
  2. To post-process reseller transactions, run the script, which will add auxiliary data to reseller transactions that have been provisioned but not yet billed.
    • By default, the script runs in the dry run mode. In this mode, the script will check data in the platform database and write all the warnings to the log file.
    • Default log file: /tmp/tax_e_date.log (it is possible to redefine it in the script parameters).
    • Use the --commit option to update data in the database.
    • Run the script on the Billing Application node.
  3. Configure the necessary tax rates and application periods.
  4. Correct the tax rate in AR documents issued before you installed the hotfix.


Use oa-update KB111323 to install this hotfix. Also this hotfix will be installed automatically during upgrade to CB 20.4.0 via oa-update.