It is not possible to restore Virtual Machine:


error message: (Make sure that you specified the backup correctly and you have enough rights to access it and try again.)

The same could be observer in the /var/log/parallels.log on backup node:

05-11 12:58:36.842 F /disp:4972:101680/ Task '26Task_RestoreVmBackupSource' with uuid = {0c3ede23-3ad5-4d5e-bee9-248307
0d62d6} was started. Flags = 0
05-11 12:58:36.842 F /disp:4972:101680/ Backup "{03b6c2e0-c4a3-4e6a-b150-5787a2430e13}" does not exist
05-11 12:58:36.843 F /disp:4972:101680/ Task '26Task_RestoreVmBackupSource' with uuid = {0c3ede23-3ad5-4d5e-bee9-248307
0d62d6} was finished with result PRL_ERR_BACKUP_BACKUP_UUID_NOT_FOUND (0x80037004) )

However, the backup could be easily found by the prlctl tool:

# prlctl backup-list | grep 03b6c2e0-c4a3-4e6a-b150-5787a2430e13
{317b84ad-52ad-4ed0-8a9e-840fd18b47cb} {03b6c2e0-c4a3-4e6a-b150-5787a2430e13} 08/03/2018 18:56:13 f 81410737722


The dispatcher is not able to locate the backup


Check that backup files are located on node and have no permission issues:

# ll /vz/vmprivate/backups/\{317b84ad-52ad-4ed0-8a9e-840fd18b47cb\}/\{03b6c2e0-c4a3-4e6a-b150-5787a2430e13\}/base/
-rwx------ 1 root root     29183 Aug  3  2018 config.pvs
-rwx------ 1 root root     16384 Aug  3  2018 NVRAM.dat
-rwx------ 1 root root 838183464 Aug  3  2018 parallels.log

If everything is consistent, please contact Virtuozzo support for further investigation.