It is not possible to open Operations > Services > WebHosting Plesk > Branding. It fails with the generic error message:

An unexpected error occurred. Please try again later.

Moreover, there is a failed task "Unprovisioning "BrandSubdomain" for APS application WebHosting Plesk" with the below output:

'500 Internal Server Error' received from 'DELETE': Empty result from APSC by the following link: APS\Link Object
[id] =>
[href] => aps/2.2/resources/83c776f8-a9b8-4d8a-a5dd-0f9186d646b1/brandSubdomain
[link] => strong
[name] => brandSubdomain
[collection] =>


Incomplete WebHosting Plesk brand subdomain removal provokes such situation to appear. This is recognized as software-related issue #WHM-11202.


A fix is planned in future software updates.
To workaround the issue, contact CloudBlue Technical Support.

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