Usage is not collected for Azure CSP subscription for several days.

There are no failed tasks in task manager.

It can be seen that APS resource of type stuck in "aps:configuring" state:

[root@osscore ~]# curl -kE /usr/local/pem/APS/certificates/poa.pem ""
                "type": "",
                "id": "021fda5a-1249-4c23-a746-944be147aedb",
                "status": "aps:configuring",
                "revision": 8,
                "modified": "2019-11-27T11:16:46Z",
                "subscription": "703c02ab-2b50-4894-85c4-560b96414487",
                "schema": "/aps/2/types/447",
          "id": "725daec1-2d65-4056-b94f-9b2090ced716",
          "href": "/aps/2/packages/725daec1-2d65-4056-b94f-9b2090ced716"
                "id": "10220AB5-7D1E-479B-93BF-4E1FE70DF19F",
                "offer_uri": "MS-AZR-0145P",
                "order_id": "23a0a016-085c-49e6-9ddf-06240862c3ab",
                "quantity": 1,
                "start_date": "2019-11-27T00:00:00.000Z"
                "enabled": false,
                "enabled_daily_notification": false
        "company_name": "contoso",
        "customer_tenant_id": "9ab556ce-851e-48c1-9cb2-fek5mnc8b15",
        "domain_prefix": "contoso",
        "email": "",
        "login": "admin",
        "mpn_id": "",
        "subscription_friendly_name": "Microsoft Azure (Contoso): #1001614",
        "suspend_in_azure": true,
        "verification": "o",

Attempt to change "Friendly name" on Azure tab in Customer's Control Panel fails with the following error:

Resource is under another modification


APS resource is placed to "aps:configruing" state when there is an attempt to modify "Friendly name" for the subscription. However, state of the resource is not changed back to "aps:ready" due to software-related issue #OA-8102.


Software-related issue has been fixed in version 8.3 of Odin Automation platform. In order to fix currently affected subscriptions, contact CloudBlue Support.

Link to an internal article