Attempt to collect import data using fails with the following error:

Unable to prepare the import data because of error: The customer does not have active subscriptions in the Microsoft cloud.

However, customer actually have active subscriptions on Microsoft side.

The following entry is represented in sitelog:

2020-03-30 13:04:06,449 <20916> [ 51] INFO flow : 0 subscriptions fetched for the CSP customer with microsoft tenant id 'bb901025-4592-4f56-8fa3-e2197930d636' and mpn id '102103'.


Subscriptions on the Microsoft side is not marked with MPN ID of an indirect reseller specified on Odin Automation side. Notice that in case if reseller of the customer does not have any MPN ID specified, this value is taken from a higher level reseller.


Specify corresponding MPN ID for the subscription on Microsoft side and retry import attempt.