## Symptoms

Logparser-related tasks fail with an output below:

Task name    Remove logfile '/var/www/vhosts/5/136563/log/error_log' (122341)

Task description Task that removes logfile '/var/www/vhosts/5/136563/log/error_log' id=122341 from logparser service 998

Queue name logfile122341

Method name updateLogfile


Destination host 'NGHOST01' (#2125), IP '' : truepath /var/www/vhosts//5/pem/etc/logparser/updates/update1418065686.3: No such file or directory (errno 2).

## Cause

Missing logparser "updates" directory on NFS share mounted to web servers.

  1. 'updates' folder does not exist
  2. NFS mountpoint has changed and no longer available at mount point '/var/www/vhosts/5'. The mount point location originates from the logparser package properties.

## Resolution

1. Create 'updates' folder from any of web servers in the cluster in the "/var/www/vhosts//5/pem/etc/logparser/" folder

2. Re-run the task

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