What's New in This Release

  • Bulk import of subscriptions. Learn more in Importing Multiple Azure Subscriptions at Once.
  • UX1 for Resellers. Now, there is a link called Azure Reseller (NCE) in the navigation pane of UX1 for Resellers. Resellers can use it to view a list of their subscriptions and track their status.
  • Issue resolved: Two billing orders were created for a suspended subscription within the same period.

Requirements and Prerequisites

  • Odin Automation 8.3, CloudBlue Commerce 20.4, or later.
  • The Rating Engine 1.0-112 component must be installed and configured. For instructions on how to install and configure it, please refer to this article.

Additions and Enhancements

Build 77:

  • APSA-22571. Allow importing subscriptions for customers if the tenant has revoked DAP.

Resolved Issues

Build 77:

  • APSA-22568. The periodic task handle_suspended_subscriptions working incorrectly.


Contact your Ingram Micro support account manager to obtain the new versions of the Azure Cloud Solution Provider: New Commerce Experience (Azure CSP NCE) application package.


To install the Azure CSP NCE application, please use the instructions provided in the Azure NCE documentation.


Upgrade is only supported from version 1.2. To upgrade the Azure CSP NCE application, please use the instructions provided in the  Azure NCE documentation.

Help Resources

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